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At Forest Founders, we provide our members with an affordable and rewarding program designed to allow you to become carbon accountable. For $20 a month we will plant 25 trees on your behalf.

We offer two carbon accountability monthly subscription programs, a $10 and $20 option. The $10 option will plant 10 trees and reward the subscriber with 200 bonus points per month. Planting ten trees is enough to easily negate a single persons carbon footprint. Our $20 option will plant 25 trees and reward our member with 400 bonus points. This option was designed for families and can negate the average carbon footprint of a family of four.

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Our mission is to create the tools to allow individuals and businesses to become carbon accountable through education and awareness of the environment. We value innovation, transparency, and passion. Over 90% of membership fees go towards this mission; not to our operations.

Sign up for Forest Founders and access your own personal dashboard. You’ll be able to keep track of your environmental impact and earn reward points for redeemable prizes, including the option to plant even more trees!

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How We Work

Each month, we use your contribution to plant trees on your behalf through our network of non-profit partners. This will negate up to five times the average American’s carbon footprint and help heal our planet. As we plant trees, you will accrue points that can be spent on exclusive Forest Founders merchandise or to plant additional trees.

We consider ourselves a conduit to brands that are aligned to our planet over profit mentality. We aim to bolster our reward program through exclusive partnerships and discount programs.

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How Else Can I Help?

In addition to subscribing to our program, there are many steps you can take to live sustainably. To live sustainably is to live accountably. Create environmentally-friendly habits and hold yourself accountable when those practices and standards are not met. There are so many advantages to green living and the use of renewable energy; it’s crucial that we do our part. Take a look at a carbon footprint calculator to determine the best ways you can adapt your lifestyle and reduce your ecological footprint.