Frequently Asked Questions
What are the benefits of becoming a Carbon Accountability Program member?

The truth of this program is that you’re buying peace of mind. Every day, we all contribute to the climate crisis in small ways. Becoming a member is taking a step in the right direction, which is to take care of the planet we live on. In addition to the feel good aspect of carbon accountability, there’s more.

As a Carbon Accountability Program member, you will gain access to our rewards program. As we grow in numbers, Forest Founders will offer Forest Founders swag and discounts from our partner brands. We intend to build strong relationships with sustainable brands that we know you’ll love. Do you have a brand in mind? Give us a shout!

Deciding to be carbon accountable is the single most impactful decision a person can make regarding the future of our planet. Please join us in our quest to turn the tide on global warming!

What is the average American’s carbon footprint?

The Short Answer:
The average American’s annual carbon footprint is 21 tons.

The Long Answer:
Everyone’s lifestyle is different. Some of us have to drive a two hour commute. Some of us can walk to work. There are a lot of variables involved, and it’s not all on us.

We have built an economy based on a “cheap and fast” philosophy. Products are designed to break and be replaced. Our current major transportation methods are reliant on burning fossil fuels. We need to change the way we conduct business, and that is what starts with us. When the demand for “cheap and fast” is reduced, businesses will reflect that change.

Why plant trees?

Trees are mother nature’s carbon reducer. As a part of the natural carbon cycle, carbon is emitted into the atmosphere (which we know is a part of the problem). Trees sequester carbon and transform it into oxygen (that stuff we need to breathe). Check out this visual below of the carbon cycle.

Since so many species of trees exist we use reliable data to approximate the impact of our solution. The average tree over a 40 year lifespan will sequester approximately 1 ton of CO2 from our atmosphere. We don’t expect every tree to make it, so we calculate in a 33% survival rate. Our tree planting network claims a higher survival rate but we choose to play it safe and plant more trees than needed.

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How does Forest Founders plant the trees?

We are proud Partners of the National Forest Foundation (NFF). Chartered by congress in 1992, the NFF is the nonprofit arm of the US Forest Service. As a partner of the NFF the US Forest Service plants all of our trees on US National Forests land. By planting in our nations National Forests we are guaranteed that our trees will never be used for profit. Through the NFF, the US forest Service contracts out our tree planting through a network of planters to ensure planting is done correctly, using only native tree species and planted at optimal times to ensure optimal survival rates.

How is the Carbon Accountability Program subscription cost spent?

We pledge to spend no less than 90% of funds collected supporting our tree planting mission. We pride ourselves on our lean operating costs. The largest expenditure we have outside of planting the actual trees is for the gamification of our platform in the form of rewards points for our members. We also give our members the option to spend their reward points on planting extra trees to maximize our member’s impact. We want you to benefit from doing the right thing!

How does Forest Founders handle member data?

Forest Founders does not sell our members’ data under any circumstance. It is our firm belief that we are all partners in this endeavor, and we can’t succeed without your help. We do not believe in profiting off of our members’ desire to help negate their carbon footprint. We decided upon a nonprofit vehicle to maximize our impact on the planet. Mother earth is our stakeholder and we are all her benefactors. Forest Founders is just the vehicle.

Where are the trees planted?

We intend to have a global focus but have found it hard to guarantee that trees planted abroad won’t be logged or cleared for future financial gains. Currently, our partners plant our trees across North America. As we expand and maximize the impact of our program we can build new relationships globally.

Can I track where my trees are planted?

We provide periodic updates that we receive from our tree planting partners. We are as transparent as possible with our members. Whatever information we receive about your trees, we will forward on to you.

That being said, we currently do not offer a way to track your individual trees. When a customer hits a large milestone, we plan to allow our members to claim a plot of trees as their forest in the “my forest” program. This will be on a first come first serve basis and is not a guaranteed feature for our members.

How do I redeem my points?

Points can be redeemed through the rewards tab in your individual members profile. Members will see their points balance on their dashboard and can spend them in our rewards store.

What else can I do to help Forest Founders succeed?

Educating the general public about our program is the most important way you can help us further our mission. Our mission is to create the tools to allow everyone to be carbon accountable. We can’t afford to let our tools sit idle. Tell your friends, tell your coworkers. Talk about us at your summer barbeque or Thanksgiving dinner. Is it too dramatic to request you shout from rooftops?

Another way you can help is by contacting your favorite brands and asking them to seek partnerships with us. The more benefits we add to our program the larger the value proposition for our loyal members. Can you share our vision?