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You’ve probably heard the expression “going green,” but the precise meaning of the phrase and how we integrate green practices into our daily routines differ from person to person. Some might believe that going green involves embracing an all-natural lifestyle where everything that is synthetic and non-biodegradable is off-limits and only locally grown, cruelty free, organic food is allowed. However, it is possible to live an environmentally responsible life by simply being careful about what and how much you consume. This means reducing the volume of items that you buy and energy that you consume, reusing items as much as possible, and recycling everything that is recyclable.

Forest Founders was started to not only protect and conserve the world’s forests, but also to raise environmental awareness and encourage everyone to strive for a smaller carbon footprint. Whether you want to live a greener lifestyle or implement green practices into your business, the following links will help you better understand how you can be an effective agent for environmental change

  • This page from offers all of the resources and information you need to fully understand how you can earn tax incentives and benefits by adopting energy-efficient practices. This page offers valuable tips for saving money on home energy and provides details on how you can qualify for programs that allow homeowners to access energy reducing appliances either free or at a lower cost.
  • The California Green Business Program is a state-wide collective of agencies and resources that help businesses implement environmentally responsible practices. With the help of the California Green Business Network, California businesses were able to eliminate 100,000 metric tons of waste, save 18 million in utility costs, save nearly 750 million gallons of water, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 400,000 metric tons.