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If you’re truly interested in reducing the size of your carbon footprint, not only do you have to reduce your overall energy and resource consumption, you also have to commit to purchasing necessary products only from brands that are committed to sustainable environmental practices.

Forest Founders was created to help consumers recognize how their habits contribute to climate change, pollution, and the reduction of our natural resources. The following brands have invested in sustainable operations, including using only environmentally friendly packaging and employing low-emissions manufacturing and transportation practices.

  • Environmentally Conscious Design is a company dedicated to producing eco-friendly food service and packaging solutions. These innovative packaging and food service products range from compostable cartons, utensils, beverage cups, and much more. Learn more about Environmentally Conscious Design’s mission and philosophy here:
  • Pact World was founded with the goal of eradicating global poverty by forging valuable partnerships between businesses, NGOs, and local governments. To learn more about how you can help in the fight against poverty and marginalization all over the world, please visit the Pact World website for more information.
  • Patagonia is one of the world’s largest and most socially responsible organizations, supporting diverse initiatives from fighting oil drilling on protected lands to self-imposing a one percent Earth tax, this sportswear company is at the forefront of environmentally focused corporate activism. Learn more about Patagonia’s practices here:
  • Reformation is a fashion brand dedicated to ensuring sustainability at every link in their supply and production chain. Through comprehensive energy conservation measures and commitment to carbon offsets, this fashion brand is provides employees with a living wage and full benefits, is actively working towards carbon neutrality, and has committed to zero waste by the next decade. Learn more about this innovative fashion brand here:
  • The fashion industry is one of the largest global industrial polluters. If sustainable fashion is important to you, you might want to learn more about Toms! Toms is a sustainable clothing brand that actively supports responsible environmental stewardship. Learn more about this organization’s commitment to protecting our planet and ensure a more equitable global allocation of resources.
  • Technology might be one of our most useful tools in the fight against climate change, but the manufacture of digital devices has had a significant impact on the environment, largely due to the accumulation of discarded electronic products. Apple has committed to carbon neutrality, and is fabricating many of its products using recycled materials and clean, sustainable energy. Learn more about Apple’s goal to make every product carbon neutral by 2030 here:
  • Amazon is the most widely used e-commerce site, providing everything from household items, to streamed entertainment, to AI technologies, in just a few short decades Amazon has become one of the biggest and most disruptive brands in the history of retail. However, the behemoth nonetheless is taking its global environmental responsibility seriously. Learn more about its commitment to sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint here:
  • Unilever is the world’s largest producer of consumer goods, including food products, beverages, pet food, medical devices, and personal care products. This multinational company has committed to reducing its emissions and working towards carbon neutrality by eliminating fossil fuels from its production practices and adopting renewable energy sources. Learn more here: