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Environmental Sustainability Information Center

Climate change poses the greatest threat to the health and wellbeing of the planet and its inhabitants. Environmental sustainability is essential to lowering global carbon emissions, reducing air, water, and soil pollution, and facilitating greater equity in the distribution of resources.

Forest Founders was started with the goal of increasing public awareness of the climate crisis, and our roles in either accelerating climate change, or slowing it. The following informational resources can help you better understand how critically important environmental sustainability is to the reversal of the trends in climate change.

  • Businesses are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, recognizing that their ability to compete largely rests upon their commitment to eco-friendly practices. ERM has been an environmental advocate and consultancy resource for nearly five decades, helping organizations across industries adopt more efficient and sustainable business practices. Learn more about ERM’s commitment to environmental sustainability here:
  • Organizations that are serious about environmental sustainability often seek outside certification and assessments to ensure compliance with environmental initiatives. The Green Business Bureau offers a thorough assessment of businesses’ environmental sustainability and rewards a classification to businesses that have adopted comprehensive practices that make their operations greener, cleaner, and more sustainable.
  • EcoMena offers easily accessible online information about a variety of environmental issues that affect us all. With a journalistic approach, the articles and blog posts help readers better understand how critically important enhanced awareness of environmental responsibility is. Learn more about EcoMena’s global mission here:
  • Sustainable Brands is the leading environmentally focused business consultancy, providing organizations with the resources, expertise, and tools they need to become more efficient and environmentally responsible. To learn more about Sustainable Brands’ mission to inspire corporate leaders to become more committed environmental stewards, visit:
  • When it comes to ensuring corporate environmental accountability, oversight is essential. Gold Standard was founded in 2003 for the purpose of reducing global carbon emissions by supporting projects that demonstrated exceptionally high degrees of environmental integrity. To learn more about Gold Standard’s projects and global impact, visit:
  • Developing environmentally sustainable technologies, fuels, and other renewable and ecologically friendly resources could drive job creation and economic prosperity significantly, particularly in underserved regions. Carbon Trust partners with public and private organizations to support their carbon neutrality objectives. Learn more here:
  • Environmental Incentives is an organization that has supported diverse clients in their efforts to become more environmentally responsible since 2004. By working with NGOs, businesses, and governments to increase investment in environmental initiatives and encourage the development of sustainable and eco-friendly practices, Environmental Incentives has helped influence common business practices and public policies.