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The largest sources of global energy are among the highest contributors to the emission of greenhouse gasses. The fossil fuel-based methods we employ to supply power to homes and businesses have had a catastrophic effect on our environment, impacting our natural resources, wildlife, and human health. Though there are numerous technological innovations that are substantially increasing environmental sustainability and efficiency, there is still much we can and should do to markedly reduce our reliance on harmful, non-renewable energy sources.

Forest Founders is dedicated to providing the resources and information that can help you live your greenest, healthiest life. To better understand how energy is produced and how each energy source affects the environment, here are a few valuable online resources.

  • National Utilisource is a Texas-based energy supply company that targets high-volume energy consumers. Natural gas power stations are responsible for a large portion of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and provide one-quarter of global electricity. Learn how this energy broker supplies natural gas-powered energy in bulk.
  • Southern California Edison offers energy conservation incentives and rebates that help you consume less energy and reduce your carbon footprint. This program offers clean energy heat pumps to residences within the service area. This and other programs are in support of California’s 2045 carbon neutrality objective.
  • This page from the U.S. Department of Energy offers information about governmental policies that promote the transition to renewable energy sources, namely solar power. There are links to different programs for providing green energy to rural areas of the United States.