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Climate change has often been described as being amongst the biggest existential threats the world is currently facing. In 2020, we are already experiencing dramatic changes in weather patterns and catastrophic natural disasters in record numbers — 80 wildfires raging throughout the western states with no signs of abating; the greatest number of hurricanes hitting the gulf coast on record; astonishing shifts in temperature from 94° down to 39° in Denver in a single day. These unsustainable patterns could have devastating social, cultural, and economic consequences, from food insecurity, to political upheaval, to widespread health crises.

Forest Founders is committed to raising awareness about the very real environmental calamities that climate change could trigger if allowed to proceed unchecked. Here are a few informational resources that can not only help you understand the details of this crisis, but also help you learn how you can stop it.

  • Science might be under attack, but scientists are fighting back in a big way with reason and evidence. If you want to learn more about environmental and climate science and see the latest research and scientific reporting, The Union of Concerned Scientists is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing insight into the world’s biggest crises. Their website offers in-depth analysis and reporting about climate change, social equity, nuclear war, and other pressing issues.
  • Technology might offer the kind of efficient and effective solutions we need to combat climate change and environmental degradation. RESET is a news source focused on environmental sustainability and how digital technology has the potential to significantly improve participation in energy-efficient practices and lifestyles.
  • The digital revolution has helped democratize access to information, but the power of technology to affect significant and sustainable change in environmental policy has yet to be effectively leveraged. Digital journals like Tired Earth strive to provide in-depth journalism on the subjects of climate science, environmental activism, and social justice.
  • The input of climate scientists is essential to fully appreciate the current dire environmental circumstances. Climate Central is an organization dedicated to conducting and publishing the latest environmental research. From rising sea levels, to unprecedented weather conditions, to energy consumption and much more, this database provides a diverse spectrum of environmental information.
  • Successfully addressing the climate crisis will have to be a global effort. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is a body whose purpose is collecting and analyzing climate data in order to influence global policy decisions based on scientific research. The IPCC website offers updates upon the organization’s findings, projects, and reports.
  • Our space program offers some of the most valuable technological tools for monitoring the global impact of the climate crisis. NASA’s website dedicated to global climate change offers satellite views of climate change-related abnormal weather activities all over the world, such as hurricanes and tropical storms. It also monitors the carbon monoxide output from the current wildfires and provides a huge variety of fascinating and important climate-related information.
  • Universities are at the forefront of climate science and activism. The University of California, Davis offers an online database for its publications and reporting, providing insight into their field research and other findings. There are also educational resources, such as a climate glossary, for people new to the discipline of climate science.
  • RealClimate offers scientific commentary by a diverse community of active climate scientists. The website was created as a resource for science journalists, policymakers, and anyone interested in the topic of climate science. This website is both a forum for scientists to discuss the latest research and phenomena and an online journal.
  • Much of what we know about climate science comes from experts in diverse scientific fields. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration offers a website dedicated to climate science and the latest research, events, and publications. The site offers a wide spectrum of informational resources, from in-depth climate journalism to climate literacy teaching resources.
  • Trees and forest cover are the most powerful natural resources we have to absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide. Climate Care is an organization committed to reducing the volume of carbon being released into the atmosphere, one business at a time. Through its carbon offset projects, sustainable project development, custom-designed large-scale emissions reduction projects, this organization offers a suite of programs that help organizations meet their carbon neutrality goals.
  • The climate crisis has a devastating effect on oceanic activity. From increased temperatures to habitat destruction, there are numerous destructive changes to our oceans as a direct result of climate change. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration provides a wide selection of resources and online tools designed to help users better understand how climate change influences the oceans, coastal ecosystems, marine wildlife.
  • It is estimated that climate change will be the cause of more than one-quarter million global deaths. From an increase in infectious diseases, to malnutrition, to scarce water resources, climate change could potentially overwhelm healthcare systems and cause health conditions that could impact future generations. The World Health Organization offers fantastic resources for understanding how the climate crisis affects human health.
  • The United Nations Environment Programme is the premier global environmental authority. This agency is governed by the UN Environment Assembly, a body of representatives from nearly 200 member nations who influence worldwide environmental policy. Learn more about their achievements and programs here.
  • Achieving net-zero carbon emissions is not only essential for businesses’ bottom line, but it’s also essential for the environment. If you’re interested in making your small business greener and more efficient, Climate Partner helps people and organizations become carbon neutral – including their websites!