Carbon Footprint Facts: What You Need to Know

As our society gets more and more aware of the planet, the environment, and our places in it, it becomes impossible not to be more aware and proactive about our responsibilities to keep living conditions sustainable for future generations. Now more than ever individuals and corporations are taking it upon themselves more and more to play active roles in reducing their carbon footprint by building more sustainable habits.

The idea of our “Carbon Footprint” stems from our interest in reducing the amount of carbon dioxide we collectively release into the atmosphere, which generally comes as the result of our activities — whether the damage to the environment comes from a particular individual, organization, or a community as a whole.

Below, Forest Founders goes over Carbon Footprint facts and ways to reduce your carbon footprint overall.

Start with the Water

Water conservation is one of the most effective ways to reduce your Carbon Footprint because it requires a significant amount of energy to maintain and purify water for communities. The EPA asserts that drinking water and wastewater systems account for around 2% United States total energy use, which ends up yielding well over 45 million tons of greenhouse gases every year.

Putting a Halt to Your Paper Use

The use of paper both contributes to carbon emissions as well as deforestation, which makes it a double threat to the environment, yielding more greenhouse gas emissions than all modes of human transportation combined. Going paperless when it comes to your monthly bills and keeping your records digitally are both good ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Eat Greens When You’re Able

Meat products have bigger environmental implications than that of grains and vegetables. Animals like cattle, sheep, and goats produce a considerable amount of methane gas, which damages our environment and atmosphere. The USDA reported that 30-40% of our food supply goes to waste, which in 2010 alone amounted to approximately 133 billion pounds (which equaled $161 billion worth of food). Being conscious about what we eat and how much we eat, not to mention cutting down on our food waste is crucial in our efforts to save the planet and the environment.

Corporations Have a Distinct Responsibility

Corporations have extremely large carbon footprints that need to be addressed immediately. CNN asserts that just 100 companies are responsible for over 70% of the world’s carbon emissions — and this comes from a 2017 report from the nonprofit CDP, which was performed in collaboration with the Climate Accountability Institute. Businesses and individuals alike must adopt best practices that keep our environment and our carbon footprint in mind.

At Forest Founders it is our mission to create the tools that allow individuals and businesses to become carbon accountable through the gamification of the environment. We work with a network of nonprofit partners in planting trees all over the world. Sign up today and let’s make a world of difference together.