Benefits of Reforestation — Tree Planting and Reforestation Facts

Reforestation and general tree planting offer numerous benefits regardless of whether you live in a city or in a rural area.

The benefits of reforestation are numerous, but while preserving and restoring our native forests are essential for mitigating the threat of climate change, planting trees in urban settings might be equally important in resolving the climate crisis. This is because an abundance of trees can help reduce the need for air conditioning by keeping homes cooler in the summer months, help reduce the pollutants in the air from industrial activity and transportation, and provide many other valuable uses and improvements in the overall quality of life for city dwellers. Here are a few other tree planting and reforestation facts that prove the benefits of reforestation.

  1. Planting trees fosters enhanced biodiversity and allows animal and plant species greater ecosystem access.
  2. Planting trees helps to filter dangerous man made pollutants from the air, helping reduce the neighboring human populations’ likelihood of developing respiratory conditions, including asthma, bronchitis, and even cardiovascular disease.
  3. Planting native trees and plants helps protect California forests and surrounding areas from spreading wildfires. This is because native species have adapted over time to retain hot embers without igniting.
  4. Planting trees helps to provide fresh water resources to surrounding communities. This is because trees help establish groundwater reserves.
  5. Planting trees helps improve water quality. This is due to their roots helping prevent soil erosion, which keeps streams and rivers pure.
  6. Planting trees can help remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Two trees will remove one ton of CO2 throughout the course of their lives. In one year, 100 trees can filter more than 50 tons of CO2.
  7. Planting trees can help the atmosphere retain moisture through transpiration. This is the process of leaves effectively exhaling water vapor into the air, cooling the surrounding landscape.
  8. Planting trees stimulates the economy. Reforestation efforts not only provide employment for tree planters, but healthy, thriving forests encourage forest tourism, providing revenue for local businesses and necessitating the hiring of forest management staff.
  9. Planting trees helps keep urban areas cool by providing shade along the streets and upon the residential buildings.
  10. Planting trees helps create valuable green spaces, which have been shown to foster emotional and physical wellbeing in urban residents. Playgrounds, parks, and planned residential flora can reduce stress and even encourage physical activity.

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